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2 Inch GaN Gallium Nitride Substrates Freestanding High Frequency Devices Use

2 Inch GaN Gallium Nitride Substrates Freestanding High Frequency Devices Use

2 Inch GaN Gallium Nitride Substrates Freestanding High Frequency Devices Use

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: PAM-XIAMEN

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1-10,000pcs
Price: By Case
Packaging Details: Packaged in a class 100 clean room environment, in single container, under a nitrogen atmosphere
Delivery Time: 5-50 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10,000 wafers/month
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Detailed Product Description
Conduction Type: Semi-Insulating Thickness: 350 ±25 μm 430±25μm
Item: PAM-FS-GAN-50-SI Other Name: Gallium Nitride Substrate
Dimension: 50.8 ±1 Mm Product Name: SI-GaN GaN Substrates
TTV: ≤ 15 μm BOW: -20 μm ≤ BOW ≤ 20 μm
High Light:

gallium nitride gan


gan wafer

2 Inch Freestanding Si-GaN GaN(Gallium Nitride) Substrates And Wafers


2inch Freestanding Si-GaN GaN Substrates

Item PAM-FS-GaN-50-SI
Dimension 50.8 ±1 mm
Thickness 350 ±25 μm 430±25μm
Orientation C plane (0001) off angle toward M-axis 0.35 ±0.15°
Orientation Flat (1-100) 0 ±0.5°, 16 ±1 mm
Secondary Orientation Flat (11-20) 0 ±3°, 8 ±1 mm
Conduction Type


Resistivity (300K)

>106 Ω·cm

TTV ≤ 15 μm
BOW -20 μm ≤ BOW ≤ 20 μm
Surface Roughness:

Front side: Ra<0.2nm, epi-ready;

Back side: Fine Ground or polished.

Dislocation Density From 1 x 105 to 5 x 10 6cm -2(calculated by CL)*
Macro Defect Density < 2 cm-2
Useable Area > 90% (edge and macro defects exclusion)
Package each in single wafer container, under nitrogen atmosphere, packed in class 100 clean room



Wireless Base Stations: RF power transistors

Wireless Broadband Access: high frequency MMICs,RF-Circuits MMICs

Pressure Sensors:MEMS

Heat Sensors: Pyro-electric detectors

Power Conditioning: Mixed signal GaN/Si Integration

Automotive Electronics: High temperature electronics

Power Transmission Lines: High voltage electronics

Frame Sensors: UV detectors

Solar Cells:GaN’s wide band gap covers the solar spectrum from 0.65 eV to 3.4 eV (which is practically the entire solar spectrum), making indium gallium nitride

(InGaN) alloys perfect for creating solar cell material. Because of this advantage, InGaN solar cells grown on GaN substrates are poised to become one of the most important new applications and growth market for GaN substrate wafers.

Ideal for HEMTs, FETs

GaN Schottky diode project: We accept custom spec of Schottky diodes fabricated on the HVPE-grown, free-standing gallium nitride (GaN) layers of n- and p-types.

Both contacts (ohmic and Schottky) were deposited on the top surface using Al/Ti and Pd/Ti/Au.

Zinc Blende crystal structure
    Remarks Referens
Energy gaps, Eg 3.28 eV 0 K Bougrov et al. (2001)
Energy gaps, Eg 3.2 eV 300 K
Electron affinity 4.1 eV 300 K
Conduction band      
Energy separation between Γ valley and X valleys EΓ 1.4 eV 300 K Bougrov et al. (2001)
Energy separation between Γ valley and L valleys EL 1.6 ÷ 1.9 eV 300 K
Effective conduction band density of states 1.2 x 1018 cm-3 300 K
Valence band    
Energy of spin-orbital splitting Eso 0.02 eV 300 K
Effective valence band density of states 4.1 x 1019 cm-3 300 K

Band structure for Zinc Blende GaN

2 Inch GaN Gallium Nitride Substrates Freestanding High Frequency Devices Use Band structure of zinc blende(cubic) GaN. Important minima of the conduction band and maxima of the valence band.
300K; Eg=3.2 eVeV; EX= 4.6 eV; EL= 4.8-5.1 eV; Eso = 0.02 eV
For details see Suzuki, Uenoyama & Yanase (1995) .


2 Inch GaN Gallium Nitride Substrates Freestanding High Frequency Devices Use Brillouin zone of the face centered cubic lattice, the Bravais lattice of the diamond and zincblende structures.





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