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Undoped Semiconductor GaAs Wafer 3 Inch Dummy Grade 350~675um Thickness

Undoped Semiconductor GaAs Wafer 3 Inch Dummy Grade 350~675um Thickness

Undoped Semiconductor GaAs Wafer 3 Inch Dummy Grade 350~675um Thickness

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: PAM-XIAMEN

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1-10,000pcs
Packaging Details: Packaged in a class 100 clean room environment, in single container, under a nitrogen atmosphere
Delivery Time: 5-50 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10,000 wafers/month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Semi Insulating Gaas Wafer Thickness: 350~675um
Usage: Microelectronics Keyword: Gallium Arsenide Wafers
Grade: Dummy Grade Etch Pit Density: <8000 /cm2
High Light:

p type silicon wafer


gaas wafer

Semi-Insulating , Undoped GaAs Semiconductor Wafer , 3”, Dummy Grade


What is the GaAs Process?

GaAs wafers must be prepared prior to device fabrication. To start, they must be completely cleaned to remove any damage that might have occurred during the slicing process. The wafers are then Chemically Mechanically Polished/Plaranrized (CMP) for the final material removal stage. This allows for the attainment of super-flat mirror-like surfaces with a remaining roughness on an atomic scale. After that is completed, the wafer is ready for fabrication.


(GaAs)Gallium Arsenide Wafers,Semi-insulating for Microelectronics Applications

Item Specifications Remarks
Conduction Type Insulating  
Growth Method VGF  
Dopant Undoped  
Wafer Diamter 3, inch Ingot available
Crystal Orientation (100)+/- 0.5°  
OF EJ, US or notch  
Carrier Concentration n/a  
Resistivity at RT >1E7 Ohm.cm  
Mobility >5000 cm2/V.sec  
Etch Pit Density <8000 /cm2  
Laser Marking upon request  
Surface Finish P/P  
Thickness 350~675um  
Epitaxy Ready Yes  
Package Single wafer container or cassette


Properties of GaAs Crystal

Properties GaAs
Atoms/cm3 4.42 x 1022
Atomic Weight 144.63
Breakdown Field approx. 4 x 105
Crystal Structure Zincblende
Density (g/cm3) 5.32
Dielectric Constant 13.1
Effective Density of States in the Conduction Band, Nc (cm-3) 4.7 x 1017
Effective Density of States in the Valence Band, Nv (cm-3) 7.0 x 1018
Electron Affinity (V) 4.07
Energy Gap at 300K (eV) 1.424
Intrinsic Carrier Concentration (cm-3) 1.79 x 106
Intrinsic Debye Length (microns) 2250
Intrinsic Resistivity (ohm-cm) 108
Lattice Constant (angstroms) 5.6533
Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, 6.86 x 10-6
ΔL/L/ΔT (1/deg C)
Melting Point (deg C) 1238
Minority Carrier Lifetime (s) approx. 10-8
Mobility (Drift) 8500
µn, electrons
Mobility (Drift) 400
µp, holes
Optical Phonon Energy (eV) 0.035
Phonon Mean Free Path (angstroms) 58
Specific Heat 0.35
(J/g-deg C)
Thermal Conductivity at 300 K 0.46
Thermal Diffusivity (cm2/sec) 0.24
Vapor Pressure (Pa) 100 at 1050 deg C;
1 at 900 deg C



What is the Electrical properties of GaAs Wafer

Breakdown field ≈4·105 V/cm
Mobility electrons ≤8500 cm2 V-1s-1
Mobility holes ≤400 cm2 V-1s-1
Diffusion coefficient electrons ≤200 cm2/s
Diffusion coefficient holes ≤10 cm2/s
Electron thermal velocity 4.4·105 m/s
Hole thermal velocity 1.8·105m/s



Recombination Parameter

Pure n-type material (no ~ 1014cm-3)  
The longest lifetime of holes τp ~3·10-6 s
Diffusion length Lp = (Dp·τp)1/2 Lp ~30-50 µm.
Pure p-type material  
(a)Low injection level  
The longest lifetime of electrons τn ~ 5·10-9 s
Diffusion length Ln = (Dn·τ n)1/2 Ln ~10 µm
(b) High injection level (filled traps)  
The longest lifetime of electrons τ ~2.5·10-7 s
Diffusion length Ln Ln ~ 70 µm


Surface recombination velocity versus doping density

Different experimental points correspond to different surface treatment methods.

Radiative recombination coefficient

90 K 1.8·10-8cm3/s
185 K 1.9·10-9cm3/s
300 K 7.2·10-10cm3/s

Auger coefficient

300 K ~10-30cm6/s
500 K ~10-29cm6/s


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