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SiC 4H Silicon Carbide Wafer Production Grade Semiconductor Silicon Wafer

SiC 4H Silicon Carbide Wafer Production Grade Semiconductor Silicon Wafer

SiC 4H Silicon Carbide Wafer Production Grade Semiconductor Silicon Wafer

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: PAM-XIAMEN

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1-10,000pcs
Price: By Case
Delivery Time: 5-50 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10,000 wafers/month
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Semi Insulating SiC Wafer Keywords: Semiconductor Silicon Carbide Wafer
Size: 10mm X 10mm Grade: Production Grade
Description: 4H SEMI Substrate Application: Researcher
FWHM: <30 Arcsec <50 Arcsec Primary Flat Length: 16.00 ± 1.70 Mm
High Light:

semi standard wafer


sic wafer

4H Semi-Insulating Silicon Substrate, Production Grade,10mm x 10mm


Here shows detail specification:


Polytype Single Crystal 4H Single Crystal 6H
Lattice Parameters a=3.076 Å a=3.073 Å
  c=10.053 Å c=15.117 Å
Stacking Sequence ABCB ABCACB
Band-gap 3.26 eV 3.03 eV
Density 3.21 · 103 kg/m3 3.21 · 103 kg/m3
Therm. Expansion Coefficient 4-5×10-6/K 4-5×10-6/K
Refraction Index no = 2.719 no = 2.707
  ne = 2.777 ne = 2.755
Dielectric Constant 9.6 9.66
Thermal Conductivity 490 W/mK 490 W/mK
Break-Down Electrical Field 2-4 · 108 V/m 2-4 · 108 V/m
Saturation Drift Velocity 2.0 · 105 m/s 2.0 · 105 m/s
Electron Mobility 800 cm2/V·S 400 cm2/V·S
hole Mobility 115 cm2/V·S 90 cm2/V·S
Mohs Hardness ~9 ~9


4H Semi-Insulating Silicon Substrate, Production Grade,10mm x 10mm

Description Production Grade 4H SEMI Substrate
Polytype 4H
Diameter (50.8 ± 0.38) mm
Thickness (250 ± 25) μm (330 ± 25) μm (430 ± 25) μm
Resistivity (RT) >1E5 Ω·cm
Surface Roughness < 0.5 nm (Si-face CMP Epi-ready); <1 nm (C- face Optical polish)
FWHM <30 arcsec <50 arcsec
Micropipe Density A+≤1cm-2 A≤10cm-2 B≤30cm-2 C≤50cm-2 D≤100cm-2
Surface Orientation
On axis <0001>± 0.5°
Off axis 3.5° toward <11-20>± 0.5°
Primary flat orientation Parallel {1-100} ± 5°
Primary flat length 16.00 ± 1.70 mm
Secondary flat orientation Si-face:90° cw. from orientation flat ± 5°
C-face:90° ccw. from orientation flat ± 5°
Secondary flat length 8.00 ± 1.70 mm
Surface Finish Single or double face polished
Packaging Single wafer box or multi wafer box
Usable area ≥ 90 %
Edge exclusion 1 mm


sic crystal defects


PAM-XIAMEN offers semiconductor silicon carbide wafers,6H SiC and 4H SiC in different quality grades for researcher and industry manufacturers. We has developed SiC crystal growth technology and SiC crystal wafer processing technology,established a production line to manufacturer SiCsubstrate,Which is applied in GaNepitaxydevice,powerdevices,high-temperature device and optoelectronic Devices. As a professional company invested by the leading manufacturers from the fields of advanced and high-tech material research and state institutes and China’s Semiconductor Lab,weare devoted to continuously improve the quality of currently substrates and develop large size substrates.


Most of the defects which were observed in SiC were also observed in other crystalline materials. Like the dislocations, stacking faults (SFs), low angle boundaries (LABs) and twins. Some others appear in materials having the Zing- Blend or the Wurtzite structure, like the IDBs. Micropipes and inclusions from other phases mainly appear in SiC.


SiC High-Temperature Signal-Level Devices


Most analog signal conditioning and digital logic circuits are considered “signal level” in that individual transistors

in these circuits do not typically require any more than a few milliamperes of current and <20 V to function properly.

Commercially available silicon-on-insulator circuits can perform complex digital and analog signal-level functions

up to 300°C when high-power output is not required [163]. Besides ICs in which it is advantageous to combine signal-

level functions with high-power or unique SiC sensors/MEMS onto a single chip, more expensive SiC circuits solely

performing low-power signal-level functions appear largely unjustifiable for low-radiation applications at temperatures

below 250–300°C .


As further improvements to fundamental SiC device processing technologies (Section 5.5) are made, increasingly durable T > 300°C SiC-based transistor technology will evolve for beneficial use in harshenvironment applications. Increasingly complex high-temperature functionality will require robust circuit designs that accommodate large changes in device operating parameters over the much wider temperature ranges (as large as 650°C spread) enabled by SiC. Circuit models need to account for the fact that SiC device epilayers are significantly “frozen-out” owing to deeper donor and acceptor dopant ionization energies, so that nontrivial percentages of device-layer dopants are not ionized to conduct current near room temperature . Because of these carrier freeze-out effects, it will be difficult to realize SiC-based ICs operational at junction temperatures much lower than –55°C (the lower end of U.S. Mil-Spec. temperature range).


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